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Sponsor your network and receive a 200€ gift card

Do you like Regate?
Say it around you. Recommend Regate to your peers and win a €200 gift card!

Everybody win!

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For your sponsor

You win an Illicado card worth €200 that can be used in all partner brands: Fnac, Galeries Lafayette, Decathlon, etc.

For your Godchild

You earn 50% of the onboarding fees offered, up to €500 in nominal value (depending on the size of the company).

Illicado card, No. 1 multi-brand gift card

Your desires à la carte, accepted in more than 10,000 stores and websites.

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How it works?

It's simple. Recommend Regate to your network and win a gift voucher every time
that one of your referrals subscribes to a subscription.

Identify interested peers

Identify people who want to automate their accounting management processes and save time on their financial management!

Sponsor them on Regate!

On the one hand, share their contact information with us. On the other hand, introduce them to Regate and the value you derive from it on a daily basis!

Receive your €200 gift voucher

When one of your referrals signs up for a 1-year subscription to Regate, you automatically receive your gift voucher!


When will I receive my gift voucher?
Who can I sponsor?
How many people can I sponsor?
What happens if my friend is sponsored twice?
I am a friend, how does that work?
Does the sponsorship expire?
What are the eligibility conditions?

Introduce Regate
to your peers:
Help them save time
on accounting management

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Pitch Regate to your network!

We provide you with resources that are easy to share with them to introduce Regate to them in a few minutes.

+20 000 entreprises nous font confiance

CFOs take the floor on their use of Regate

Our users take the floor to explain to you what Regate has concretely changed in their daily lives: from productivity gains to cost control and the automation of financial reporting.