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Document management

Document management

All your documents on a shared and secure space

Store all documents relating to the company or the firm directly on Regate, to work together on a single source of information!

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Élément de l'interface regateÉlément de l'interface regateÉlément de l'interface regate

Effective document management

Centralization of information

On Regate, collect and archive accounting documents but also all other administrative or financial files of the company.

Quick search for documents

Stop wasting time managing your files: you can sort them, prioritize them or even rename them to find them easily.

Simple & secure collaboration

Forget the shoebox: you benefit from a secure space for sharing between the accountant and his client, designed to facilitate collaboration.

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Manage easily the documents

  • Simply import one or more documents from your computer
  • Upload documents in all sorts of formats (.pdf, .doc, .xls...)
  • Download them again on your computer if necessary
  • Rename, delete, or view all documents.
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Regate interface element
Regate interface element

Classify your files to find them quickly

  • Add 100% customizable tags to categorize your documents: contract, pay slip, status, tax return...
  • Sort them by any column for easy categorization - this organization only appears on your interface
  • Use the search bar to filter by title, tag, or name of the person who submitted it
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Collaborate with your stakeholders

  • No more sending by email or confusion about document versions: they are uploaded directly to the platform and other users have access to them in real time.
  • Documents are marked as “Urgent” to indicate that they should be treated as a matter of priority
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Regate interface element
Regate interface element

Regate and Qonto join forces

Regate and Qonto products integrate to offer you the best of both worlds:

Businesses can pay directly from Regate with a Qonto account
Accountants can retrieve the documents submitted by their clients on Qonto directly on their Regate interface
And many more integrations to come!
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Set up effective expenditure control in SMEs

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Regate automates your financial and accounting management and saves you time on a daily basis.

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