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given access to Regate

Regate is an ultra-simple and flexible invoicing software that automates your administration and gives you real-time visibility on your activity!

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Regate est un outil de facturation tout-en-un
Gérez vos factures et notes de frais avec Regate
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+ 15,000 Small Businesses & independents trust us

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Regate simplifies your life

Intuitive and flexible web & mobile app
Stay in control of your cash flow
Automate to save time
Seamless and simplified collaboration
100% compliant with regulations

Integrate your other financial data

Ajoutez instantanément vos justificatifs sur l’app mobile Regate, pour ne plus avoir à y penser !

A simple and intuitive mobile application

Instantly add your receipts to the Regate mobile app, so you don't have to think about it anymore!

“Thanks to Regate, I have the most up-to-date vision possible and no unpleasant surprises at the end of the month.”

Florent Busson
Enchanted Tools
Avec Regate, créez des factures client personnalisées en quelques clics

+15,000 VSEs & freelancers
Trust us

Laetitia Bertrand, Plus Haut les Mots

“Thanks to Regate, I save 4 hours per month on my administrative management. I am regaining the peace of mind I need to create!”

Laetitia Bertrand
Plus Haut les Mots

Don't lose anymore times on your administrative

Access Regate

Features adapted to your needs

Simply send your documents

Invoices, expense reports and all the documents useful to your accountant


Invoice your customers

Create invoices that reflect your image and get paid faster!

Regate dispose de fonctionnalités adaptées à vos besoins

Check all your accounts

All your bank accounts are aggregated in real time on Regate, to better manage your cash flow


Pay your bills in one click

Pay your suppliers directly from Regate and view your payments in real time


Regate and Qonto join forces

Regate and Qonto products integrate to offer you the best of both worlds:

Businesses can pay directly from Regate with a Qonto account
Accountants can retrieve the documents submitted by their clients on Qonto directly on their Regate interface
And many more integrations to come!
Regate by Qonto se synchronise avec vos outils comptables

A collaboration fluidified with your accountant


Send him your supporting documents by submitting them on Regate


Communicate easily thanks to contextualized comments


Get notified automatically for missing documents

Avec Regate, la collaboration avec votre expert-comptable est fluidifiée

“A very clear and easy to use interface. We have all the information right in front of our eyes.”

Anaëlle Thomas
Le Slip Français

“When I open Regate, there is a magic side, I see all my numbers intuitively. It is a pleasure to work in such an environment.”

Olivier Giunti

“Supplier payments directly in Regate: it saves a lot of time.”

Fabienne Mille


Why did my accountant give me access to Regate?

Regate is a collaborative platform between the chartered accountant and his client, the most intuitive and complete on the market! It allows you to manage your accounting with peace of mind and not to miss any accounting deadlines. On Regate, you centralize your supporting documents and make them available to your accountant in one click. In addition, by providing you with Regate, it allows you to access a compliant and flexible billing tool and to manage your activity on a daily basis.

What services are part of the plan taken out by my accountant?

If you take advantage of the Box offer, you can:

- Centralize your supporting documents (supplier invoices, expense reports, customer invoices) and other important documents on a space shared with your accountant
- Invoice your customers in a flexible, compliant and automated way, and get paid faster!
- Consult all your bank accounts at a glance and in real time, without leaving the platform.

Many features are available in the higher plans (integrated payment, cash management, purchasing process...), do not hesitate to contact us

Can I pay my suppliers from Regate?

Integrated vendor payment is an optional module, which is not included in the Box offer but in the higher plan, called Standard. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more!

I was invited by my accountant but I could not connect. How to do it?

Your invitation received by email may have expired (they are valid for 7 days). Do not hesitate to contact your accountant so that he can send you the link again! If not, you can always contact our Support team.