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Streamline the management of your cash flow from Regate!
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Dashboard and reporting
Dashboard and reporting

Gain visibility on finances of your business

Thanks to the automation of financial reports offered by Regate, you benefit from a centralized view of all your financial operations, to best support you in managing your business.

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All your business information centralized and always up to date

Save time and be more efficient

Thanks to Regate, there are no more recurring and time-consuming tasks to establish reliable reporting or follow the evolution of a KPI. You can now find the status of your finances in a few clicks and effortlessly, to finally focus on the essentials: analysis and management!

Real-time vision

On Regate, you benefit from comprehensive reporting in real time: thanks to your personalized dashboards, you can easily monitor your turnover, your expenses, anticipate your payment deadlines and stay up to date on your cash flow.

Make better decisions

Regate allows you to keep an eye on your key indicators, 100% reliable and always up to date. Your financial data becomes readable to allow you to make the best decisions for your business at all times.

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Reporting - Marguerite Duclos

"The challenge for Tiller Systems' finance department was to make the supplier accounting process more reliable and to monitor our cash flow as accurately as possible on a daily basis.

Since Regate, my job has changed dramatically: I can take a step back! I can focus much more on analyzing my debt and cash flow, which allows me to communicate with my CFO with more reliable data.

Regate allows us to centralize all the information in one software program and share it live - almost in real time - with everyone who needs access to it. It's a real value-add for both our investors and our accounting department."

Marguerite Duclos
Head of Accounting, Tiller Systems by SUM UP
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all financial information on a single platform

Make better decisions for your business by finding all of your financial information and key indicators in one place. Income statement, cash flow, analytics... you have everything at your fingertips.

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Regate interface element
Regate interface element


up-to-date information in real time

Don't wait any longer until you have to enter your bills to get an idea of your situation. With Regate, data entry is automated and you have your information up to date and in real time.

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your reporting

Define and personalize your reports according to your teams or your objectives.

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Regate interface element
Regate interface element


Can you visualize your cash flow forecast or your supplier and customer billing deadlines in Regate?

The Regate Dashboard allows you to have access to real-time reporting and is a real decision-making aid. To allow you to make the right choices for the future of your business, Regate gives you visibility both on cash flow forecasts and billing deadlines, on the supplier side and on the customer side.

Can you get a vision of your supplier and customer balances in Regate?

Yes, it is possible from the Regate Dashboard to very easily consult both your supplier balance and your customer balance. In particular, the monitoring of these two KPIs in real time allows decision-makers to manage with complete peace of mind.

Can you find out the aged balance of your supplier bills and customer bills in Regate?

For effective and actionable financial reporting, it is crucial to control your flows. From Regate, you can therefore find the aged balance of both your supplier and customer invoices at a glance and in real time. This allows managers to set reliable goals and take control of cash flow.

Do the chartered accountant and company managers see the same reporting in Regate?

No, everyone has very specific needs depending on their job. That's why Regate's financial reporting tool offers them adapted dashboards. Company managers have access not only to their actions to be taken, but also to the main indicators (turnover, customer claims, expenses, bank balances, etc.). By default, the Chartered Accountant has a dashboard summarizing the actions to be taken, without financial indicators. However, he has direct access to his client's dashboard to consult them.

Is there payment reporting in Regate?

In Regate, thanks to the history, it is possible to track all the payments made and their details.


Set up effective expenditure control in SMEs

Discover our white paper on best practices for controlling business expenses.

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Get started in a few hours!

No technical development on your part is necessary. Our teams take care of everything and support you to configure your Regate interface according to your needs.

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What if you try Regate?

Regate automates your financial and accounting management and saves you time on a daily basis.

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