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Streamline the management of your cash flow from Regate!
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Customer accounting

Customer accounting

Automate your customer billing and get paid more easily!

Limit unpaid bills: Regate automates and simplifies the processing of your customer invoices, from publishing to accounting integration.

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Élément de l'interface regateÉlément de l'interface regateÉlément de l'interface regate

Collect your money quickly

Save time and be more efficient

Create your quotes and invoices directly from our invoice editor, share them with your customers in one click and, finally, relaunch them from a single entry point!

Track payments

With Regate, maintain a unified view of the status of your customer invoices: by connecting to your bank, you can automatically track each transaction accurately and contact your customers at the right time to avoid unpaid bills.

Integration with the accounting system

Your Sales Journal is updated in real time and automatically fed into your accounting software.

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Create your invoices directly from Regate or import them onto the platform

Regate includes an invoice editor that allows you to generate clear and compliant invoices easily and in a few seconds to send to your customers.

If you already have billing software accessible via API, we can also automatically upload your invoices issued to your Regate space.

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Regate interface element
Regate interface element

Track your payments at a glance and get back to your customers in one click!

Regate simplifies your customer relationship: send all your invoices and track their payment from a single tool. A problem with an invoice? Communicate directly with your customer from your Regate interface for even more fluidity. Refer to customers who miss deadlines: thanks to our predefined and customizable scenarios, Regate allows you to send the right reminders, when necessary.

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All your sales automatically go back to your accounts

Once the customer invoice has been validated, Regate automatically generates the correct entry and integrates it directly into your accounting software in real time. Your Sales Journal is always up to date and so is your accounting!

Once the payment has been received on your accounts, it is automatically reconciled in your accounts.

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Regate interface element
Regate interface element

Regate and Qonto join forces

Regate and Qonto products integrate to offer you the best of both worlds:

Businesses can pay directly from Regate with a Qonto account
Accountants can retrieve the documents submitted by their clients on Qonto directly on their Regate interface
And many more integrations to come!
Regate by Qonto se synchronise avec vos outils comptables


Can I make electronic invoices (e-bills) with Regate?

In compliance with the new regulations on the dematerialization of invoices, with Regate, you can edit and send invoices in Factur-X format, or e-invoices. Any invoice created from Regate clearly shows the 14 mandatory fields required by the administration, allowing you to comply with the new regulations.

Can we customize the scenarios for reminding unpaid invoices with Regate?

To optimize your cash flow and preserve your relationships with your customers, the Regate customer billing module allows you to automate payment collection while customizing recovery scenarios.

Can recurring invoices be set up with Regate?

With Regate billing software, it is possible to create recurring invoices (monthly, quarterly, annual), particularly useful for businesses that sell subscriptions. You can also create simple quotes and invoices in just a few clicks from Regate.

Can payment links be provided in Regate invoices?

Getting paid quickly is key for any business that looks after its cash flow. That's why our online invoicing software makes it easier for your customers by allowing you to include payment links directly in invoice sending emails. As a result, your customers pay more quickly, cash is preserved, and transactions and invoices are reconciled instantly.

Can you send your customer invoices to your accountant from Regate?

To send your customer invoices to your accountant from Regate, it's very simple: you just need to give him access to Regate. It is also possible to share the sales log directly to him by exporting a PDF, photo or even via an export of a CSV file.


Set up effective expenditure control in SMEs

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Get started in a few hours!

No technical development on your part is necessary. Our teams take care of everything and support you to configure your Regate interface according to your needs.

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What if you try Regate?

Regate automates your financial and accounting management and saves you time on a daily basis.

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