“The deployment of Regate is ultra-smooth and efficient.”

Alexis Gryner

How AGK achieved the productivity gains necessary for growth thanks to Regate

In order to provide more added value to its clients, the accounting firm AGK needed to make significant productivity gains. Improvements implemented thanks to the automations offered by Regate.

Accounting firm
30 to 200

“Regate promotes exchanges with higher added value with our customers.”

Alexis Gryner

The benefits of Regate

Dematerialize invoices

Regate allows AGK to automatically upload their clients' accounting documents into their accounting software. There is no longer any need for employees to contact their customers on a daily basis to recover them.

Easily deploy the solution

For AGK, deploying Regate to a new customer is limited to sending “balances”, “major journals”, and “invoices” accounting documents. The configuration is done automatically. Now all you need to do is send an FEC to deploy Regate on a customer's premises.

Making accounting more reliable

Regate allows AGK to reduce the number of errors by eliminating data transfers or manipulations.

“For auditing accounts, Regate is great!”

Alexis Gryner

Their favorite features


Very effective, OCR (optical character recognition) allows AGK teams to no longer waste time revisiting manual or incorrect input.

Regate interface element
Regate interface element

Accounting rules

AGK employees were able to set up custom accounting rules in Regate to adapt them to their clients' different business models.

The simple and intuitive interface

The simplicity of the interface allowed the entire AGK team to develop their skills very quickly on the tool, and to really use all of its functionalities.

Regate interface element

“Regate has really changed our daily lives for bookkeeping”

Alexis Gryner

The impact of Regate
In a few figures


reminder: Automatic recovery of all accounting entries

1h :

The time needed to get started with Regate

100 %

customers: Regate adapts to all customer business models

What if you try Regate?

Regate automates your financial and accounting management and saves you time on a daily basis.

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Utilisateur Regate