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Regate is a complete management and payment platform for your customers, directly integrated into your accounting software.

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A complete platform for better
collaborate with your customers

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Automate supplier invoice processing

Collecting supplier invoices has never been easier: your customers send them to you via the mobile application, you receive them directly on Regate. No more forgetting or losing documents! Regate then allows you to automate imputation and the generated entries are fed into your production software in real time.

Adopting Regate was easy because our customers see meaning in it. Within the same platform, they can store, search, pay and transfer their purchase invoices.

Étienne Risser, Chartered Accountant
Eurex Strasbourg law firm (Cap21)
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Automate your customer billing

Your customers can issue quotes and invoices with Regate, including in Factur-X compliant format for electronic invoicing. They can easily carry out reminders, follow the payments and upload the corresponding entries into your accounting production software.

“To be able to follow the progress of an invoice and then
collection... It's really great to see this journey through to payment, and it's almost becoming a game.”

Gaëtan Gohin
Co-founder - Algama
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Easily reconcile your expenses with a unified view of all your bank accounts

Bank reconciliation is automated and you can easily identify any missing supporting documents to recover them more easily. No more “shoebox”, everything happens on the platform!

“Regate has allowed us to set up a very efficient and low-cost data collection center.”

Jean-Mathieu Dorelle - Pyxis
Jean-Mathieu Dorelle
Pyxis Audit
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Automate your end-to-end accounts payable

Your customers have all the tools they need to approve and pay expense reports, and then automatically send you the corresponding receipts.

“Regate saved me a lot of time and I think we are more efficient today. When a friend is looking for a tool of this type, I always recommend Regate. I can't think of other tools that are as powerful!”

Olivier Giunti
President of Pausado
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Manage all your payments in a few clicks from a single interface

From Regate, you can make payments for your customers without ever having to log on to their bank sites. Regate also allows you to schedule your payments in batches, to pay installments and to manage assets.

“The pleasant surprise is that we can manage all of our payment needs on Regate, in addition to the invoice validation circuit.”

David Brunello
Founder - Inspire Villages
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Generate simple and 100% secure bank cards

Your customers can create physical or virtual payment cards for their teams. Users only need to import the invoice or receipt into Regate to perform the reconciliation automatically and upload the corresponding entries into the accounting software.

“Regate bank cards, which can be configured for each need, have made it possible to extremely simplify the management of the company's recurring expenses!”

Gabriel d'Agay
DAF - Greenriders
Tous vos documents sur un espace partagé et sécurisé avec Regate

Facilitate the collection of documents from your customers

Store, archive, exchange all administrative, financial and accounting documents relating to your customers' businesses, to collaborate with them on the same complete, up-to-date and secure source of information.

Regate est conçu pour s’intégrer avec votre logiciel comptable

Designed for Integrate with your accounting software

No more file transfers and manual entry: Regate connects easily with your accounting tool to ensure reliable and up-to-date information. Automate your accounting without changing software!

See our integrations

Integrated platform
management and payment

A broad functional scope, to automate your accounting monitoring and the management of your customers.

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Why Regate?

Regate is a complete management platform with a modern and intuitive interface to allow you to better collaborate

easily the missing pieces

Your customer visualizes the missing parts in real time on his interface and can transmit them in one click.

You no longer need to do anything, Regate automatically transfers each validated piece to you.
Your revision work is facilitated.

Dashboard regate représentant les inbox
Dashboard regate représentant les conseils regate

your recurring tasks

Regate learns from your actions, automates recurring tasks, and generates entries that are integrated directly into your accounting software.

Purchase journals and expense reports, Sales journals, OD journals, Bank journals...

Centralize your communications and collaborate more easily with your customers

Thanks to Regate, you can communicate directly with your customers by chat and easily find your comments related to the parts provided.

No more problems with different versions of a document and going back and forth by email.

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Discover the testimony of a firm

The AGK firm looks back on the contributions made by setting up Regate,
for customers as well as for employees.

Thanks to the use of different accounting rules, Regate easily adapts to all of our clients' business models

eva premel
Eva Premel
Collaboratrice comptable - AGK

Benefit from a proven deployment methodology

  • A structured deployment approach
  • High-quality support from a team of experienced project managers
  • Tools to save you time: webinar, training videos, FAQ
  • User support for your customers, by ticket or telephone

“During deployment, we don't take care of anything: we send everything to Regate: the ledgers, the scales, the bills...
Regate is going to analyze the last three months to start getting the tool used to making the correct spellings. No configuration, the deployment is ultra-smooth and efficient.”

Alexis Gryner
Chartered Accountant, Managing Partner, Co-founder - AGK


Is Regate compatible with my accounting production software?

Regate integrates with the majority of accounting software on the market (Sage, Quadratus, ACD, MyUnisoft...). It acts on top of your production tool, to automatically upload the entries, in an adapted format and in real time.

So there's no need to embark on a long migration project! To learn more about our software and API integrations, visit our dedicated page.

How is Regate being deployed?

We have developed a rapid and structured deployment methodology across your firm, so that this phase takes as little time and resources as possible. All you need to do is send us basic information about your accounting organization and your customers' FEC.

Then, our project managers take over to configure your interface according to your needs.

Finally, we organize online training courses, for your employees and for your customers, during which we present the tool to them with a question and answer session at the end. In total, allow a maximum of 3 weeks!

Can I make electronic invoices (e-bills) with Regate?

As a reminder, electronic invoicing will gradually become mandatory starting on 1 July 2024 for all businesses subject to VAT, for B2B transactions. It's time to prepare your clients and the firm for this deadline! With Regate, you can now edit, send and receive invoices in Factur-X format approved by the tax authority. Any invoice issued from Regate is therefore already in compliance with the future standard.

In addition, Regate is a candidate for registration as a Partner Dematerialization Platform (PDP), to support you even more in the reform and help you implement electronic invoicing effortlessly.

To find out more, go to our dedicated page.

Do the accountant and their clients have access to the same Regate interface?

Each with specific needs, Regate offers adapted roles and dashboards.

The chartered accountant has access to accounting imputation functionalities, as well as to all of his files to best collaborate with his clients. By default, its dashboard summarizes the urgent actions to be taken on each file and the consumer, without financial indicators. In addition, he also has direct access to his client's dashboard to consult it.

For their part, company managers have access to the main management indicators (income statement, aged balance, turnover, customer claims, expenses, bank balances, etc.) but also to their specific actions: file invoices, modify analytics, or even launch payments.

What is the dematerialization recognition rate of Regate invoices?

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a technology that makes it possible to scan digital documents (PDF, JPEG or PNG) and automatically extract the content from them. It is an almost instantaneous process, which Regate uses to process supplier invoices, customer invoices and expense reports. Our coding index is around 100% because it is based on efficient OCR, supplemented if necessary with video coding.

What if you try Regate?

Regate automates your financial and accounting management and saves you time on a daily basis.

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Utilisateur Regate