“Our customers use Regate. They take their photos every day, and we no longer have problems with missing parts.”

Muriel Delery, Partner Chartered Accountant
Delery & Associés
Regate x Delery & Associés

How Delery & Associés prepares its customers for electronic invoicing with the Regate platform

Digitalization is a strategic issue for Delery & Associés: improving productivity when it comes to data entry means more time to offer strategic consulting missions. And this evolution is possible because the firm has been able to involve its clients in the change, by putting them on Regate.

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“The third party is set up once and for all at the first invoice - with the associated expense account and VAT rate.”

Muriel Delery, Partner Chartered Accountant
Delery & Associés

The benefits of Regate

Easily retrieve accounting documents

Shoeboxes are over: customers now send their documents via the Regate app.

Stop working in a hurry

Employees no longer waste time getting back to customers, so they manage to meet the closing deadlines.

Make their job evolve towards more consultancy

With this time saved, the team can now offer the client missions on budget monitoring or cash flow forecasting.

“Thanks to these productivity gains, our files are more quickly up to date and we can offer our clients consulting missions.”

Muriel Delery, Partner Chartered Accountant
Delery & Associés

Their favorite features

Setting up third parties

From the first invoice, the third party is registered once and for all, saving the team considerable time on processing purchase and sales invoices.

Regate interface element
Regate interface element

Integration with Sage Génération Expert

Once the entries have been entered and processed on Regate, the discharge is done automatically every day.

Editing invoices in Factur-X format

As part of the electronic invoicing reform, it is important for the firm to ensure that customers already edit their invoices in the format approved by the tax authority.

Regate interface element

“Regate is a very intuitive application that is easy to use and drastically reduces the error rate.”

Muriel Delery, Partner Chartered Accountant
Delery & Associés

The impact of Regate
In a few figures


missing accounting documents

100 %

of fencing is done on time

4 min

to download accounting documents into Sage

What if you try Regate?

Regate automates your financial and accounting management and saves you time on a daily basis.

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Utilisateur Regate