Customers will have the ability to provide us with the elements more easily, while also simplifying their lives: we are on a win-win relationship

Sébastien Vertuel, Associate Accountant
DRB Group
Regate at DRB

How DRB is preparing its clients for the economy of tomorrow with Regate

DRB has made an ambitious choice: to deploy Regate on all its files - in contractual and cash accounting - and to put the application in the hands of all its clients. The aim is simple: to increase productivity in production, to free up time for advice and to maximize customer satisfaction.

Accounting firm
30 to 200

“We know that the subject of electronic invoicing is treated seriously by the Regate teams. With Regate PDP, we will have a solution to offer customers that is compatible with tomorrow's digital way of operating.”

Sébastien Vertuel, Associate Accountant
DRB Group

The benefits of Regate

Anticipate electronic invoicing

DRB has chosen Regate, and in particular its future PDP platform (Partner Dematerialization Platform), as a technological partner to implement the reform and support its clients in the transition.

Simplifying the lives of customers and employees

Customers easily send their receipts via the Regate mobile application And find them then on a space shared between them and the firm. Un significant time savings on both sides!

Set up the account effortlessly

Once the firm had defined what they wanted, and after sending the clients' FECs, the Regate teams set up the account very quickly. This greatly simplified the firm's handling of the platform.

“Regate will allow us to be the vector for integrating accounting data: easy to use, the platform provides us with the completeness of the documents in a centralized space that is synchronized with Sage.”

Sébastien Vertuel, Associate Accountant
DRB Group

Their favorite features

Access adapted to needs

Customers benefit from a simplified platform (filing documents, monitoring payments and receipts, exchanges with the accountant), while employees have a consolidated view of all their files and access to accounting functionalities.

Regate interface element
Regate interface element

Accounting reconciliation

This is an interesting feature, especially in the case of account reviews: the supporting document is linked to the correct accounting account, which makes the accounting and lettering process more fluid and transparent.

Bank statement aggregation

All transaction information is consolidated and synchronized in real time on Regate, making it much easier to reconcile the coin and the bank line.

Regate interface element

“We have productivity gains both in data acquisition and in revision, always with the link between what was sent from Regate to Sage.”

Sébastien Vertuel, Associate Accountant
DRB Group

The impact of Regate
In a few figures

1 month

For the platform to learn the main third parties and provides strong productivity gains as soon as the next closure.


This is the training time that the firm's employees needed to know how to use Regate effectively.


Receipts lost by customers because they use the mobile application to take a photo of them directly, as soon as they leave the restaurant or pass the toll booth.

What if you try Regate?

Regate automates your financial and accounting management and saves you time on a daily basis.

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