“I can now take a step back on the input part. And focus more on analysis.”

Marguerite Duclos
Tiller Systems
Regate at Tiller Systems

How Tiller Systems succeeded in making the accounting management of its suppliers more reliable

Before Regate, Marguerite, an accounting manager, was unable to track her cash flow from day to day with sufficient precision. And she sometimes had difficulties in properly communicating all the information to her accountant. This is no longer the case today: the entire processing of supplier invoices has been made reliable and simplified.

200 to 500

“Regate has really become the reference tool for all our suppliers: we save a lot of time!”

Marguerite Duclos
Tiller Systems

The benefits of Regate

Improving the relationship with my accountant

With Regate, communication between Tiller Systems and the accountant is now smooth, orderly and precise thanks to the automatic sending of accounting documents and integrated messaging.

Manage my budgets

Freed from the time of entering invoices and thanks to reliable data, Marguerite can now focus on analysing her cash flow and debt in a relevant way.

Centralize the control of my expenses

Thanks to Regate, Tiller Systems is now able to centralize its financial information in real time and share it with the people involved. Real added value for businesses and investors.

“I can finally communicate relevant data to my CFO.”

Marguerite Duclos
Tiller Systems

Their favorite features

Automated sending of documents to accountants

Tiller Systems no longer needs to use a digital box or emails to send documents to the accountant. It saves time and reliability.

Regate interface element
Regate interface element

Automation rules for registering supplier invoices

Manual entry is now almost non-existent. All recurring providers are already in the database, and all information is pre-entered.

Monitoring dashboard

In real time, the accounting manager can consult her cash balance, her budgets, her income statement. And share reliable and up-to-date information with its financial director.

Regate interface element

“Manual entry is now almost non-existent”

Marguerite Duclos
Tiller Systems

The impact of Regate
In a few figures

100 %

purchase invoices recorded automatically

5/5 :

Every day of the week, Regate is the reference tool for tracking expenses

100 %

of the automated accounting process for recurring suppliers

What if you try Regate?

Regate automates your financial and accounting management and saves you time on a daily basis.

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Utilisateur Regate
Utilisateur Regate