“I use Regate on a daily basis. Administrative work is routine, but thanks to Regate it has become a pleasant routine - and the peace of mind that it gives me gives me back the freedom to create!”

Laetitia Bertrand
Plus Haut les Mots
Regate at Plus Haut les Mots

How Laetitia Bertrand was able to improve her management with confidence thanks to Regate

Anticipation for freelancers is the crux of the matter: when a mission ends, it's hard to know what will happen next. With Regate, Laëtitia has been able to gain visibility over her business without encroaching on what makes up her core business: creativity.

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“The dashboard is very visual and gives me the relevant information, in real time, to manage my business.”

Laetitia Bertrand
Plus Haut les Mots

The benefits of Regate

Time savings

Before, she used Excel to track her accounts and billing: she constantly checked her formulas, created her charts by hand... On Regate, the information is automatically and directly available.

Cash flow visibility

Laëtitia has an accurate and up-to-date view of her receipts and disbursements. She always knows which customers to contact and what she can afford to spend.

Sense of security

The precision, clarity and instantaneity of the numbers on Regate give her confidence and allow her to focus calmly on her writing activity.

“Since I started using Regate, my business has been running smoothly. The use is intuitive and simple, both on the mobile application and on the web platform.”

Laetitia Bertrand
Plus Haut les Mots

Their favorite features

The dashboard

Very complete, it allows him to manage his activity with precision. She now knows where she is, in real time, anticipate deadlines and make forecasts.

Regate interface element
Regate interface element

The mobile application

Very intuitive, she uses it to integrate her invoices and expense reports, as soon as she leaves the restaurant - they are then automatically sent to her accountant.

Access to the bank account

The synchronization of his bank account on Regate allows him to have visibility on his receipts in real time.

Regate interface element

Regate also allows me to manage my cash flow as time goes by, in a very fluid way.

Laetitia Bertrand
Plus Haut les Mots

The impact of Regate
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