“With Regate, we have all the information right in front of our eyes.”

Anaëlle Thomas
Le Slip Français
Regate at Le Slip Français

How Le Slip Français finally managed to meet its accounting deadlines thanks to Regate.

Before Regate, Le Slip Français had all its supplier invoices in paper format in filing cabinets and accounting closing deadlines were rarely met. Regate made it possible to dematerialize everything, and to have effective accounting follow-up.

30 to 200

“Regate allows us to meet the closing deadlines, which was not the case before.”

Anaëlle Thomas
Le Slip Français

The benefits of Regate

Centralize the control of my expenses

The accounting team can visualize “hyper-easily” invoices awaiting accounting registration (with customizable automation rules) or validation of approvers (with the possibility of relaunching the latter directly from Regate).

Making accounting more reliable

Thanks to Regate, all supplier invoices are finally digitized and centralized, and a simple click allows you to search for or pay them.

Save time on management

In the first year, thanks to Regate, the accounting team at Le Slip Français was able for the first time to close the January accounts at the same time as the December one despite the surplus of invoices and the annual audit.

“A tool that is not only effective but also evolves in a way that is relevant to our needs.”

Anaëlle Thomas
Le Slip Français

Their favorite features

Analytical accounting automation rules

Anaëlle, an accountant at Le Slip Français, was able to set up automated expense account allocation rules for supplier invoices in Regate. And thus avoid mistakes, while saving time.

Regate interface element
Regate interface element

Expense approval circuit

It is easy for Le Slip Français accounting team to set up the approver for different types of expenses, to track them and to relaunch them directly from Regate.

Tracking interface

Regate centralizes all supplier invoices for Le Slip Français. A color coding system and an effective search bar allow the accounting team to have a smooth follow-up.

Regate interface element

“A very clear and easy to use interface.”

Anaëlle Thomas
Le Slip Français

The impact of Regate
In a few figures

100 %

accounting closures completed on time


custom accounting automation rules


Lost invoice

What if you try Regate?

Regate automates your financial and accounting management and saves you time on a daily basis.

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Utilisateur Regate
Utilisateur Regate