“Adopting Regate was easy because our customers see it as meaning. They can do everything within the same platform.”

Etienne Risser
Eurex Strasbourg (Cap 21)
Regate at Eurex Strasbourg (Cap 21)

How Eurex Strasbourg (Cap 21) strengthened its relationship with its customers thanks to the deployment of Regate

For a long time, Etienne has been looking for a collaborative platform for exchanging accounting documents, and a reliable accounting pre-imputation tool. The objective: to allow its customers to “focus on the development of their business”. Thanks to Regate, he has achieved this objective, accelerated the daily life of the firm and is also preparing his clients for electronic invoicing!

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“With Regate, finding and paying supplier invoices has finally become easy and ultra-fast for our customers.”

Etienne Risser
Eurex Strasbourg (Cap 21)

The benefits of Regate

Improving collaboration between the accounting firm and its client

With Regate, companies and the Accountant can communicate effectively: adding comments directly to the documents, integrating with Sage in real time, easy identification of unpaid invoices...

Dematerialize invoices

Saving time on dematerialization and entering invoices was essential for Cap 21. Étienne's other objective was to support his clients' transition to electronic invoicing by allowing them to file, search and pay with Regate as of today.

Optimize supplier payments

“Our customers sometimes have trouble keeping track of all their bills and paying them on time. With Regate, you only need to press a button to make the payment. It's much more efficient than connecting to your bank's site and double-checking your bank statement each time.” explains Étienne.

“Regate should be the place where the customer will be able to manage the entire administrative part of their business.”

Etienne Risser
Eurex Strasbourg (Cap 21)

Their favorite features

Integrating with Sage

“It's super comfortable to know that as soon as it's validated, the invoice is integrated directly into the accounting!” It only takes one click to view the invoice associated with each accounting entry directly in Sage Génération Expert. This makes checks even easier and faster.

Regate interface element
Regate interface element

Invoice searches

Thanks to Regate's indexing tool, searching the entire content of any digitized invoice is a real plus for Cap 21 customers. “They can find the prices of their suppliers to prepare their inventory in a matter of seconds.”

Monitoring customer activity

With Regate, Etienne particularly appreciates being able to easily visualize when his customers have not submitted invoices for some time and therefore need to be relaunched to avoid a complicated end of the month.

Regate interface element

“I appreciate the relationship and the regular exchanges we have with the Regate teams - this is not always the case with other tools.”

Etienne Risser
Eurex Strasbourg (Cap 21)

The impact of Regate
In a few figures

25 %

time saved by the firm's teams


key actions: file, consult and pay purchase invoices


searchable invoice content

What if you try Regate?

Regate automates your financial and accounting management and saves you time on a daily basis.

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